The content director over at Vegas.com asked me if I’d participate in their style challenge and I was more than happy to oblige. This style board is inspired by my daydreams of spending a day at the Aria Hotel, which obviously means spending half my day in the pool. The Aria actually has three pools, but Liquid is the one with a bar so I’m just going to let you guess which one I’d be at getting my tan on. When I’m done lounging away at the pool, this printed romper is perfect for comfort and style. Just slip it on and let the prints distract away from the growing tummy because there are also a number of places to eat right at the hotel, but I think I’d be getting indulgent at Jean George Steakhouse, followed by some shopping. When the sun goes down, I’d change into this slinky slip dress. I am not a body-con dress type of girl because it can just be so obvious and cliche, and we don’t want to be that Vegas girl right? This dress is sexy in the Kate Moss way and I love the playful teasing nature of the clutch. Some simple make up will do with an outfit like this, and I’m off to one of the ten bars at the Aria for drinks, with my last stop being Haze for some dancing until dawn and my daydream ends.

I actually haven’t been to Vegas in years but I think after making this style board, a trip seems pretty necessary! If you’re planning to go to Las Vegas, then why not stay at the gorgeous Aria Hotel? Click here for more information on what could await you.


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  1. I miss Vegas!!! *sigh*
    Seems like our States escapade (aka honeymoon) was like such a long time ago………. If you could, do go back soon and soak in the atmosphere! 😀

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