Change of Scene

IMG_8147IMG_8157IMG_8161Sometimes it’s nice to just put on some really simple pieces and head out the door without needing to make sure your outfit is “blog-worthy”. I asked my good friend Claudia to head out to Italian Day on Commercial Dr. with me and to “wear something nice because you’re going to be on the blog.” I trusted Claudia to deliver on an outfit, seeing as she was the founder of our university’s first fashion club, and I think she totally rocked her outfit. Knowing she would be the focal piece of the blog post, I threw on my trusty silk white button up, faux leather shorts, and slipped on my go-to sandals without second-guessing and it felt so refreshing to just not care. We met up with Kevin for dinner, whom I affectionately call “my Kevin”, because I also am friends with three other Kevins which can be very confusing in conversation. Anyway, he took these photos for us as we happened upon this cute chalk graphic. IMG_8167IMG_8132Clearly, he is already enough/too much. We had dinner at Eight and a Half, then caught an improv show at the Fox Cabaret by Sunday Service who were absolutely hilarious. I’ve done a lot of totally not professional improv so I know how hard it can be to make improv seem effortlessly funny, and they were amazing! The show itself was only $7 but we split a bottle of wine and had a great time so we’ll definitely back again. IMG_8086 Italian Day was packed! IMG_8163 Quick snap crossing the street of Main and Broadway IMG_8177Go see Sunday Service! Support your local arts and culture! Be a hipster!

IMG_8102 IMG_8106 IMG_8111Blazer is thrifted, body suit from Nasty Gal, shorts from Top Shop, sandals are Missguided, necklace is Proenza Schouler, aviators are Ray Ban

And to save the best for last, Claudia’s outfit. Her aesthetic and mine are quite different so it’s great to see a totally different style, right? Plus, I mean, GOD DAYUM. She is flaunting those legs like it’s nobody’s business in those gladiator sandals (extreme version) and high waisted cut offs.

Happy almost Friday!

  1. You both look great! Love her necklace and your shorts… Beautiful! 😀

  2. I loooove these pictures. Your smiles and laughter are so genuine! 🙂

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