The Boardwalk

IMG_7347IMG_7341IMG_7320IMG_7309This scenic spot is Rocky Point in Port Moody, which I haven’t been to in probably five years. It has this fantastic pier that stretches into the water and many people were practicing for dragon boat racing when we went. There’s a cute ice cream shop, and lots of Canadian geese with their little chicks (pictured below) which were just so adorable! I do not like birds very much, but I suppose when everything is in miniature fuzzy form, you can’t help but be smitten with them, right? It reminds me of my high school philosophy teacher’s facetious argument that the world will be populated by cute animals because we let the scary ugly animals go extinct, saving only those that were esthetically pleasing.IMG_7294 IMG_7292 IMG_7393Mom’s old blouse, DIY boyfriend jeans, Aldo pumps, J Crew clutch, dad’s old YSL belt

As promised, chicks below! We first arrived at Rocky Point, seeing them on the grass, and when we were leaving, they decided to go out for a swim with mom and dad. Happy weekend!

IMG_7253 IMG_7410

  1. Bankè said:

    Love the look. Amazing pictures as well. You also have a nice blog hun, please check mine out if you’ve never done so and let me know what you think.
    Bankè xo

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