Love You Forever

IMG_7046IMG_7051IMG_7098IMG_7078Blazer is J Crew, blouse is romwe, shorts and purse are Club Monaco, heels are H&M, sunnies are Zara

Happy Mother’s Day! I stole this title straight off of Robert Munsch’s famous picture book, Love You Forever. It’s a very sweet book about a mother’s love through the years, though I haven’t read it in ages. I hope you guys were able to spend the day showing your gratitude to your mom for all the awesome that she is; I woke up nice and early and bought a bouquet of flowers for my grandma and my mom, and then we went to West for brunch which was straight up delicious. Afterwards, we went to Queen Elizabeth Park to enjoy the sunshine, which many other people were doing as well. Off to the Childish Gambino concert now! Pictures below of the food! IMG_6997 IMG_6999 IMG_7005 IMG_6995Crispy pork belly eggs benedict, bacon carbonara linguini, smoked ling cod hash, and pulled pork hash

IMG_7013 IMG_7017 IMG_7010Coconut lime cake, chocolate filled profiterole, and seriously the most beautiful dessert ever: the chocolate caramel cake (that fuzz is cotton candy!).

I seriously recommend West; it has attentive service, detailed presentation, and thoughtfully wondrous food. Plus, there’s free parking nearby which is always a plus! Because I’m rushing this post, I’m going to end off by saying that I love my mom –a lot. Last year I was on exchange in England so I wasn’t able to celebrate her birthday and Mother’s Day. It’s very cliche but absence does make the heart grow fonder. While I was on exchange, I realized how much I appreciate just having my mom even present. It’s not just that she provides me with food, clean clothes, love, and picks me up and drives me places, but that she’s just always there for me. I am so grateful that I was lucky enough to grow up with my mom always home. She would pick me up from school during the middle of the day to drive me to my piano recitals and sit with me warming up hands before it was my turn to perform; she was there with a cold cloth on my forehead when I was sick in bed with a fever, spoon-feeding me some soup; she was there to watch me at swimming lessons and give me a dollar for the vending machine at the end of the week. She was always there, and still is always there for me. Being a bit older now, I try to give back to her by making giant pots of vegetable soup so she doesn’t have to cook, or spaghetti sauce so all she needs to do is boil the noodles. It’s a terrifying thing to be a parent, but she did it three times over with grace.

To all the mom’s out there: we appreciate you even if we don’t show it as often as we should. You’re our fiercest protectors and most loyal friends. You are our beginning, and we would be nothing without you.



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