COPYIMG_6621I recently did some personal shopping for a friend. He rarely buys clothes and finds it rather tedious so I offered to be his personal shopper for the day. Vicarious shopping is fun because it fulfills my own desire to purchase things without actually having to spend a dime. Of course, none of the purchases are mine, but it’s fun to curate pieces for an entire wardrobe based on your own knowledge of the person. Several hundred dollars later, I think it’s safe to say he won’t be needing to buy clothes anytime soon. However, I did treat myself to two very reasonable purchases: the silk white button up and camouflage shorts in this outfit. They were $29 (!!!!) and $19, respectively, so COME ON. These two pieces will last in my closet for awhile so  the cost per-wear will be pennies! (…Eventually.)IMG_6654 IMG_6670Camouflage jacket from Topshop, silk shirt and camouflage shorts from Joe Fresh, necklace from Banana Republic, purse is Rebecca Minkoff, heels are AldoxFlare, sunglasses are vintage Ray Ban

This outfit is pretty much all green, so I thought I’d accompany it with a photo that I took when my brother and I went on a hike and both broke our phones. Our parents were so worried that they were going to call the North Shore Search and Rescue, but luckily we managed to find a pay phone in time to allay their fears. Moral: don’t drop your phone.  IMG_6420

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