Suiting Up for Spring

IMG_6382IMG_6383IMG_6386I’m going to be very honest– sometimes, it totally sucks to not have bigger boobs. I don’t think I need to go into detail about the various reasons why it sucks and provide lengthy examples because it’s kind of self-evident… BUT! There are definite benefits to having smaller boobs, such as being able to wear a double breasted blazer without a bra. Oh, hello! Deeper necklines or even plunging necklines are never really a problem when you’ve got small boobs because they’re not spilling out everywhere, making you look cheap. It’s why Jessica Simpson can’t do a plunging neck without John Mayer looking embarrassed (this is a Grammy’s reference circa 2007). Granted, I don’t walk around bra-less all the time, but it’s certainly nice to have the option!IMG_6389 IMG_6395Double-breasted blazer from Club Monaco, trousers and heels from Joe Fresh, hat is H&M, clutch is Banana Republic

I hope it’s spring where ever you’re reading this, because it certainly is here! We took these photos in my neighborhood and the blossoms are just stunning. It’s my favourite thing about spring, aside from the longer days, the sunshine, the warmer temperatures, the ending of school… Okay, spring is just awesome all around. Oh, and if you haven’t already, go see Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel! It’s charming, witty, imaginative, and poignant. So wonderfully lovely, really.

IMG_6405 IMG_6410

  1. beautiful outfit…love trousers…she looks so pretty..

  2. Beautiful outfit and pictures ❤️ you’re right, smaller boobs look classier but men seem to rather bigger ones ( that’s why breast enhancements are one of the most used procedures ever all over the world…😅) so to each their own I guess, I’ll work with what I have. Lol.

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