Colour Me with Crayons

IMG_6303IMG_6310What a gorgeous day this was! I felt inspired by the sunshine and amped up the colour in my outfit with contrasting cobalt blue and fuscia. My marvelously brilliant and hilarious friend was doing an improv show at Granville Island so we decided to go early to capitalize on the beautiful weather. After strolling through the markets, we took photos against this vibrantly painted building. Because my outfit was quite busy with the prints and colours, I tempered it with a neutral classic trench coat and simple white bag.IMG_6312 IMG_6326IMG_6319 Leopard print silk blouse from Joe Fresh, skirt is Jacob, trench coat is from The Gap, heels are Aldo, necklace is J Crew, and purse is Club Monaco

Tomorrow is the last days of my university classes ever and while I’m ready to move on after five years, I am also a little melancholy. University has provided me the opportunity to learn more than I could ever have imagined academically, personally, and professionally. If it weren’t for my professors, I wouldn’t be the ardent feminist I am proud to say I am, I would have never lived in England and traveled extensively throughout Europe, wouldn’t have acted and then produced an entirely original show, and finally, I would never have met so many wonderful people who have made me laugh so much over the years. And before I get too emotionally wrought, I’ll end by saying that on Tuesday, I will give my dignified thanks to the school that has given me so much by drinking copious amounts of alcohol while partying to people I’ve never heard of (Dan Mangan, MGH!, Adventure Club, etc.), which signifies I’ve truly become old and no longer belong to the young and hip crowd of undergrads.

  1. Such a gorgeous look! I love every part of this outfit (but especially that skirt!) 🙂

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