IMG_5916IMG_5920I titled this post ‘Blasphemy!’ because I don’t think my hair has ever been up on the blog. Actually, I started this blog when I had super short hair so this actually IS the first time my hair has been up on the blog! Even in my  regular daily life, I barely ever touch my hair probably because I am probably the laziest blogger when it comes to hair. When my hair was super long, I always left it as is because my hair is naturally straight. Putting it up into a ponytail constituted too much work, but I think I can work with a low slung one for now, and maybe make my way up with higher and higher pony tails until I can do a bun on the top of my head (which will never happen because my hair NEVER stays).IMG_5900 (2) IMG_5892 IMG_5922This outfit, however, called for hair up as I tried to play a balancing game with the trend of athletic wear, and refinement. The ‘sporty’ elements are the leather shorts and the subtle leopard print sweater, while the more structured elements are the collared shirt underneath and even the watch, as it represents order. And yes, I probably do have a leopard print problem now but I’m beginning to think that it’s more of a ‘staple print’, than just a trendy print. Leopard print is pretty much akin to owning an LBD; you can never have too many!IMG_5894 (2) IMG_5906_1Leopard print sweater from Joe Fresh, collared shirt is H&M, shorts are romwe, camouflage jacket is Topshop, watch is Casio, necklace is Bauble Bar, clutch is Rochas, heels are Aldo

Here’s to a happy weekend!

  1. Lovely outfit. I really like the mixing of the two prints and the maroon shorts brings it all together. Come visit my blog. Sara

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