The Year That Was: 2013

2013 was truly a remarkable year full of unprecedented experiences, from living abroad and traveling throughout Europe, to cozy memories shared with friends that are constant reminders of how lucky I am. While it’s hard to squeeze 365 days into a single post, here are some of my favourite images of 2013. IMG_5314IMG_5785 IMG_6312 IMG_6454IMG_7493 IMG_7571 IMG_8651 IMG_8752 IMG_8926 IMG_8809IMG_9588 IMG_0122 IMG_2029 IMG_1963 IMG_9878 IMG_0796 IMG_3907 IMG_1188 IMG_1309IMG_2289 IMG_2672 IMG_2639 IMG_2889 IMG_4224 IMG_4278 IMG_4394 IMG_3000 IMG_3147 20130901_121022 IMG_4800 IMG_3371 IMG_3408 IMG_3298 IMG_5367 IMG_5179 (2) IMG_5728There are a million more photos I could put in but these are some of my favourites from the blog. You can find more personal photos on my instagram at amuseume or some of my less filtered thoughts on twitter.

In short, I am grateful for all the opportunities I had in 2013. I went on exchange to the University of Manchester and lived by myself and actually ‘moved’ for the first time; I traveled throughout Europe to witness sights that my eyes can hardly believe in Istanbul, Naples, Venice, Santorini, and came back to my favourite city of lights; became department head of a team that I cherish so much; achieved the best grades of my university career; went to the Beyonce concert; and spent countless days laughing with friends and family.

After being away from home for half the year, I appreciate my Vancouver life so much more. I live in a beautiful city saturated in nature, surrounded by family and friends who I love more than ever. If 2013 taught me anything, it’s to be grateful for everything that I have. Thank you to every one who made the year so memorable, and here’s to the remaining 364 opportunities before us.


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