IMG_5637IMG_5644And just like that, another year has gone by. It’s been a truly spectacular 2013 for me as I lived in England and then did some amazing traveling through Europe after. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen and experienced as much as I have in my 22 years of living and even luckier to have experienced it all with the most wonderful people. IMG_5662 IMG_5653 IMG_5651Faux fur coat from Banana Republic, tank from Beyonce tour, gold jeans and necklace from Joe Fresh, clutch and wedges are Aldo, sunglasses are vintage Ray Ban

Of course, the Beyonce concert was an incredible highlight. Her concert is only the third concert I’ve ever been to and it was spectacular. At several points in the show, my friend and I were just hugging each other in the sheer amazing-ness that is Beyonce. Her athleticism, charm, showmanship, dedication, and talent were on non-stop display for two hours. And then she dropped an album literally out of no where and my Beyonce worship just went theological. I’m sorry Yeezy, but you’re not a god. Beyonce is a god. To pay her homage, I could think of no better colour combination than white, black, and gold. Also, if you can’t wear (faux) fur for Beyonce, then when are you ever going to wear fur?

Thanks to my sister for snapping these quick shots in the blistering cold!


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