Taming the Wild

IMG_5602IMG_5609Can you believe it’s already December? Now that I’m done classes and only have final exams (as well as my grad school application), I feel like i finally have time to indulge in the Christmas festivities. The Christmas season is my absolute favourite, and I know everyone bemoans the commercialization of Christmas as it seems to start earlier and earlier every year, but you can still enjoy the high spirits and warmth of sharing good company that Christmas should be about! What truly inaugurates Christmas for me is annually putting up the tree with my mom while listening to the same Bing Crosby Christmas CD on repeat. What are your Christmas traditions?IMG_5595IMG_5616 IMG_5615Red leather jacket from Zara, men’s leopard print sweater from H&M, lace skirt is Tulle, flats from Aldo, bag is Rebecca Minkoff

So it’s been a very long time since I’ve done anything with my hair so I figured since it was long enough I’d try curling it. I was… somewhat successful. Even when I had extremely long hair, I never did anything to it because I was so lazy. My hair is naturally stick straight which is why it’s always plain straight in my photos. I literally take a shower, part my hair, brush it, let it air dry, and those are the results. A few hours after curling my hair, my hair had no curls, just waves which was fine but sometimes it would be nice for my hair to just stay curled without having to hairspray it to death. On the bright side, at least my hair is long enough to try to do stuff with!

On Saturday I had the absolute privilege of seeing Beyonce and my god, it was phenomenal. She is truly a performer in every sense and she excels in showmanship. My friends and I literally couldn’t stop screaming from the moment she stepped on stage, to every song, and every costume change. This is why she is Queen Bey; all hail Beyonce.

  1. amadl said:

    I have unruLy wavy hair and sometimes I Long for straight hair.. I guess that’s just what humans do, eh
    But you look good with those waves ^^

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