In My Dreams

IMG_5733IMG_5728IMG_5705Hello everyone! Sorry for the absence of posts, the sun and my schedule were not being compatible and we only just barely scraped by for these shots as well. Apologies also to my photographer- boyfriend who is going to hate that I chose the above photo because it’s slightly out of focus but I kind of like the effect. It feels hazy and dream like, no? Anyway, I picked up this floral dress last week and I absolutely love it. The shape is incredibly flattering and the floral is dark for fall which is great because I absolutely love floral print everything. The dress has that vintage feel that’s just a bit hipster so I paired it with booties but also my Louis Vuitton purse which keeps it from being saturated in hipster-ness. IMG_5721IMG_5742IMG_5736Dress, faux fur vest, bracelets, hat from H&M, tights from Daiso, booties from Aldo, vintage skinny belt, purse is Louis Vuitton, watch is Casio

I don’t think I’ll ever get over this view. Every time we take photos here, we always take one last photo of the whole lookout and it’s just so beautiful to behold. Have I ever mentioned that we, as in us locals, simply call this place “viewpoint”?

Have a great week everyone, only two weeks left of November!


  1. callmejagi said:

    Love the look! Very chic ^.~

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