City Excursions

IMG_5625IMG_5663 IMG_5642How was everyone’s Halloween? I spent mine dressed as the Mayor of Townsville from the cartoon show Powerpuff Girls which, sadly, my piano students have absolutely no knowledge of because they’re too young… which inevitably means I’m old now. Because it’s my graduating year for my undergrad, I am far too cognizant of the generational gaps that divide me and even some of my peers. Aside from culturally, physically, I can feel my age more as I can’t pull all-nighters like I used to. I actually need to sleep now, even for an hour, whereas I used to be able to power through the whole way without even nodding off. Ah, such is the consequences of time.

IMG_5698 IMG_5696 IMG_5618Let’s get past my ephemeral youth and talk about this outfit. I went with some very obvious menswear inspiration for this look, but kept a touch of femininity with the print of the sheer button up. I love the geometric detailing of my trousers, and no, print is not going away, even for Spring. I also love the faux leather collar detail of the coat that really elevates it from basic to simple elegance. On a side note, I think my hair grows relatively fast. IMG_5673 IMG_5636Coat is BB Dakota, blouse from romwe, trousers from Joe Fresh, vintage shoes, beanie is H&M, bag is Rebecca Minkoff

It was one of those perfect afternoons in Vancouver so the boy and I went out for lunch at Finch’s in Gastown during my six hour break at school and took these photos. In one of my previous posts, Gratitude, I thanked you, the readers. Well, I should have also thanked my boyfriend for always taking my photos and often going out of his way to do so. In the process, I’ve learned about photography and have cultivated my own interest in it. He pretty much takes all of my photos unless otherwise mentioned in the post, and some of them are such great sets of photos that it makes it hard to choose which photos to include. Without him to take photos for me, this blog simply couldn’t exist.

Happy Monday!.

  1. really love your menswear inspiration 🙂 Not everyone can put together this kind of look but you pull it off nicely!

  2. GlamourSmoothie said:

    beautiful outfit! 🙂

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