Into the Wild

IMG_5585IMG_5602Maybe it’s just because Halloween is right around the corner, but I’m finding that there is a bit of an eerie element to these photos. Speaking of which, I’m going out tonight for Halloween and still have no clue what I’ll be but at least I’m finally done my most immediate papers and midterms! I’ve actually been having an extraordinary school year, so I really hope it lasts. I feel so lucky to have such amazing individuals in my life whom I can collectively call friends.IMG_5601 IMG_5606Faux fur coat from Banana Republic, textured shirt and leopard print harem pants from H&M, black pumps are Aldo, purse is Rebecca Minkoff

These harem pants are basically just a more extreme version of the oh so trendy jogger pant with the exaggerated dropped crotch and the leopard print that screams at you. I tempered it with very basic black and some gold elements, but kept the animalistic idea with the faux fur coat.

Have a great weekend!

  1. mariusz said:

    Great pants end great look ;-).

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