IMG_5170 (2)IMG_5121 (2)Welcome back from Canadian Thanksgiving! Over my weekend I had a lot to be thankful for; I am lucky to have such wonderful and admirable people in my life and to be living in such a beautiful city resplendent in nature. Just a small note, I’ve made the slight change of going from, to just as I now have the domain, thanks to my brother featured in the last post. IMG_5157 (2) IMG_5155 (2)And of course, thanks to YOU!! Without your feedback and visits to the site, I would have packed this blog up long ago. I’ve been doing this blog for about two years now and started out with few expectations. Now, I’m lucky enough to have over 5,000 subscribers to the blog which is absolutely amazing. I know this blog can get pretty irregular with postings but I am so grateful each and every one of you who visits this blog. I try hard to keep the outfits interesting, injecting as much style and creativity as I can with each post in the hopes that it might inspire just one person to really put thought into how they want to look for the day. However, such effort can’t be done without motivation and you all are my motivation to keep blogging. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.IMG_5117 IMG_5179 (2)Sweater from Zara, pleated skirt from H&M, shoes from Aldo, purse is my mom’s Nina Ricci

Time to finish (and by finish, I mean start) my essay due tomorrow! I hope you all had a nice relaxing and heartfelt Thanksgiving weekend.

  1. Wonderful outfit! Perfect for this autumn! You are so beautiful! ❤

  2. Benedetta crafty said:

    You are beautiful. You have a unique look! And congrats to you for having 5000 subscribers in only over 2 years. Keep up coming up with new style. Way to go gal!


  3. fleurdh said:

    I love your outfit, it’s classy! And you are so pretty!!!

  4. matrends said:

    Absolutly Amazing !

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