Flare Magazine World Runway Tour

IMG_5310IMG_5298On Tuesday I was lucky enough to win tickets to Flare Magazine’s World Runway Tour so I took one of my most fashionable friends with me as my date. It was an evening of beauty and style so both of us were in an utter panic at the last minute over what to wear. I ended up relying on textures with lace and velvet, working off of my FlarexAldo heels that I bought last year. But the night wasn’t really about us, so here were some of my favourite looks from the runway, with the clothes all provided by Holt Renfrew.IMG_5148 IMG_5202 IMG_5210So this first set of photos is all about the print, and in this case, tartan! It can be done in a more typical grundgy way, like the looks from Saint Laurent, or you can dress it up in a more refined look, evoking Valentino and the classic Chanel suit jacket. These two very different takes on tartan allow for a lot of playing room for creating a look. IMG_5221 IMG_5225 IMG_5236While we still have a lot of print, minimalism is always refreshing after an onslaught of intentionally clashing prints. The simplicity puts the focus on the shape and movement of the clothes, as opposed to the visceral attack that print can sometimes cause. There is an elegance to minimalism, which is why Calvin Klein remains so pervasive. IMG_5237 IMG_5239 IMG_5242 IMG_5245 IMG_5247Menswear and coats are incredibly important for the fall/winter season, especially the latter for those who live in Canada! The trend for coats is oversized, which actually works great for layering. I’ve always been a fan of menswear as it alludes to the enigmatic qualities of androgyny that I kind of miss from my short hair days. If oversized isn’t your thing, then a print or detailed constructions can really elevate the look of a typical winter coat. Considering coats are the outer layer that most everyone will see, as opposed to the outfit inside, it’s well worth it to invest in a great coat that is both practical but stylish.

While these looks were all from Holt Renfrew, the ideas in the trends can be extrapolated and emulated without having to spend as much money. In the coming weeks, I have an improv show, my birthday and corresponding events, thanksgiving, two midterms, two papers, and Halloween, so October is an incredibly busy month. Add in the impending lack of sun, and posts may become very infrequent so just a heads up!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. x.Posh said:

    I want that grey and white coat. Oh and the black and red shoes in the first picture look great!

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