Maxed Out

IMG_4773IMG_4747I’m not crazy! Because this week is supposed to be the return of summer with sunny days and temperatures in the mid to high twenties! I was super happy because that meant I could finally wear this maxi skirt that I bought on sale from Muji while in London. I know the stupid rule about white and Labour Day, but since when did fashion abide by strict rules? IMG_4758IMG_4776 IMG_4778Speaking of fashion, it’s New York Fashion Week! A very exciting time as it showcases the future season but it’s all a bit overwhelming with all the different shows that seem like they never end, no? I fall quite a few fashion or style twitter accounts and instagrams so it’s all a bit crazy with the proliferous updates from the most recent runways. Regardless, it provides from some great inspiration, especially when it’s still summer here!IMG_4790 IMG_4800 IMG_4813 IMG_4852Striped shirt from Paris, maxi skirt and double strand watch from Muji, belt from Club Monaco, necklace from Joe Fresh, floppy hat from H&M, heels from Aldopurse from Rebecca Minkoff

We took a bunch of photos so it was too hard to selectively choose photos with lens flares so I just put in my absolute favourites. My next set of travel photos will be from Paris and I promise they’re coming soon!

P.S. In preparation for the Beyonce concert that I’m crazy excited for (it’s not until November 30), I’ve been waking up to Love on Top every morning. I would highly recommend doing this if you want to wake up with a huge smile on your face as you dance with happiness.

  1. fashionwithoutfuss said:

    love the look! and i want that skirt too 🙂

  2. LynAn said:

    You look awesome!!! My favourite out of all your blog posts 🙂 🙂

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