Fall for Floral


IMG_4666IMG_4674It almost feels like forever ago that we took these photos up at Burnaby Mountain. There was an absolute thunder storm in Vancouver with thunder, lightning, and heavy downpour. It’s not exactly how I wanted to start my first week of school, but I guess it’s a good wake up call of what’s to come! Having said that, I absolutely love being back at school and learning. If I could, I think I would stay a student forever just to keep learning from such fantastic professors who have so much to give.IMG_4704IMG_4693 Old oversized denim vest, shirt and skirt from Club Monaco, necklace from Nasty Gal, heels from Zara, clutch from Aldo

I love the bright floral colours on the front and back panels of the skirt that just radiate against the white of the skirt. Because it’s so feminine I wanted to try adding something more edgy with this oversized denim vest to keep it interesting. It actually is an old denim jacket from the 80’s that was my mom’s and I just took off the sleeves. Fashion allows for experimentation and playfulness so why not?

Have a great weekend!

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