Fenced Up

IMG_4301IMG_4319Can you feel it wherever you are? The daylight is closing in and there’s a briskness in the air that reminds you of sweaters, cuddling, and americanos without ice. I always get this crazy excitement over Christmas when summer is ending and this year is no different. Christmas is my favourite time of the year and since this is my (under)graduating year of school, I’m incredibly excited. Not only am I going to get my Bachelor’s, but I’m also heading the drama department of one of the social clubs at school. Each year we put on a dinner theatre show that is entirely originally produced which means a lot of creativity and hard work over the course of the school year is culminated into one night. It’s a rewarding and hilarious experience that bonds everyone involved together and I couldn’t be happier to be department head this year.

IMG_4282 IMG_4291Blazer from Forever 21, striped tank from BB Dakota, wide leg pants from H&M, clutch and shoes from Aldo

That being said, I’m not quite done with summer and intend to soak up every last day of sunshine that becomes so increasingly rare as we get into the depths of winter in Vancouver. However, I did spend a good chunk of this summer traveling so to round off today’s posts, here is one of my favourite cities that we visited: Venice!

IMG_3000 IMG_3021 IMG_3029 IMG_3147 IMG_3190For a North American, I think Venice is truly a sumptuous feast for the yes. It is so unlike any city in North America with is endless canals and bridges that despite the crowds, one can’t help but be in awe of the sinking city. The nonsensical streets can take you wherever they want with little regard for your mission to see St. Mark’s Basillica, but it only adds to the wonder of Venice. Because of the maze of  streets, it is easy to slip into the side streets away from the bustling tourists armed with their DSLRs. You can find quiet sanctuary simply reveling in the Italian architecture and warm rays of the sun, hopefully without an overpriced gelato which actually is possible in this city full of tourist traps.


  1. Wow i would luv to go to venice someday! Looks old and gorgeous.. Luv it.
    Check out my travel blog http://lifesatrip travels.wordpress.com/ i write about places you can visit here in Kenya its a country here in Africa. If you loved Venice then you’ll definatley like Kenya. Check it out!

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