IMG_4399IMG_4400So I’m not going to lie because OMG I LOVE THESE PHOTOS. I have to absolutely thank my friend Henry for taking the photos for me and letting me up to the roof top pool of his apartment. The magnificent backdrop just adds to the drama of wearing a floppy hat, no?  IMG_4406IMG_4361I like the crocodile skin texture of this faux leather skirt because it adds just that extra dimension that makes the skirt great to dress up, down, and for a night out that may or may not lead to swimming in the ocean at night. The black also allows all the colours in the shirt to pop, as well as the semi-matching pink clutch. When I made this outfit I didn’t realize that I created it all from H&M, but sometimes it just happens that way!IMG_4342IMG_4395Floppy hat, mirror shirt, faux leather skirt all from H&M, cap toe heels from Joe Fresh, pink clutch from Aldo

As summer is winding down to an end, I’m both sad and relieved. Since I’ve come home, I’ve been teaching some piano again but otherwise I’ve had unprecedented amounts of spare time. With end of summer means a brand new school year which means something to do on a regular basis! I love seeing all my friends easily localized in one place and it’s hard to complain about being at a school as beautiful as UBC. It’s also my final year before I graduate with my undergrad as an English literature major which is a bit unnerving. Is real life going to happen soon?

Have a great weekend!


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