The Ladies Who Lunch

IMG_4243IMG_4262IMG_4224Every year we celebrate my grandma’s birthday by going out to high tea, and it’s always fun to dress up for the occasion! It luckily stayed sunny with a few clouds and because winter is going to roll in soon I’m making the most of this polka dot blazer I picked up for sale at J Crew. This a-line skirt I’ve had for five years but pieces like this can never really go out of style.IMG_4241 IMG_4278

Blazer from J Crew, silk blouse from Joe Fresh, skirt from Club Monaco, peep toe heels from Aldo, bag is Louis Vuitton

My wonderful grandma turned 82 and she certainly looks great for her age! She’s got great skin which makes me think I should start using Shiseido now since that’s all she’s ever used. Despite how towering I look in this photo, it’s only because I’m wearing heels. I’m only 5’2 and my grandma comes in at 4’10 which I guess is actually quite small!! We always like to go somewhere different for high tea and this year we went to La Petite Cuillere which was incredibly cute with its abundance of antique china, high ceilings, and classical music flowing in the background. If you’re in Vancouver, it’s at Kingsway and Main St.

IMG_2775 IMG_2892 IMG_2889 IMG_2918 IMG_2920 IMG_2968 IMG_2977Florence is a small little Tuscan town which almost doesn’t seem real. Part of the reason for this is because there are so many tourists crammed into this town so it almost feels like a set. Despite the localized congregation of tourists, Florence still has its charms. From the Piazzale Michelangelo you get a wonderful view after climbing the stairs to reach it. It also has some excellent places to eat if you do a little research, and it does have a distinctness in its Tuscan flavour that is different from Rome and Naples. I stayed for three nights which is just too long for such a small place, so I would say two nights is the most you’ll need.

  1. nadjalike said:

    Great photos and great style. Love the shoes.
    Greetings, Nadja

  2. Ma che bello! Travel to Italy is always a pleasure, because of the pretty places, because of the culinary, because of the culture! You look amazing!

  3. LynAn said:

    You look bright and pretty!!! 🙂

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