Swinging in the Sun

IMG_4054IMG_4027I love the ease of this swing dress and the fluid motion it creates. It’s also the perfect thing to wear if you’re going to the beach with a bandeau top! This past weekend I was so absolutely thrilled to be part of the Gay Pride Parade. I’ve always watched but I’ve never been part of the spectacle before so I couldn’t refuse the opportunity offered by one of my best friends. It was a beautiful day which meant the sun was blazing down, but the atmosphere was so euphoric that it was infectious and overwhelming. It was one of those days that made me so proud of my home city; that we not only tolerate, but accept and celebrate our LGBT community. In response the horrific laws recently passed in Russia, I felt Vancouver gave a bit of an extra push over the weekend to show that we fully support the LGBT community. IMG_4080IMG_4082IMG_4090IMG_4080Dress from asos, hat from paris, boots from Zara

While I certainly love to boast about my city, I have yet to finish off all the cities that we traveled to. Here is Rome!IMG_2289IMG_2181IMG_2639 IMG_2672IMG_2552 IMG_2694 IMG_2298Rome is absolutely steeped in history and it’s hard to fathom that so much of what you see in Rome has been in place for well over a thousand years. The Colosseum and Forum stood out to me as monumental to human achievement. The level of engineering and actual construction that was required to build it and have it last for so long is simply astounding, especially considering the technology available at the time. However, Rome is not somewhere I would want to go back. Perhaps I had Naples ingrained into my head because I found Rome a little… charmless. Rome is so packed with tourists, and because it’s a large modern city as well, it all feels a bit claustrophobic. I didn’t find any large piazzas where I could feel at ease like the Piazza del Plebescito that was right along the ocean and had Mount Vesuvius for a backdrop. Nor was Rome romantic or ‘pretty’ like Paris. Although you’re supposed to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain so that you’ll return someday, the fountain itself was just too crowded to bother with the idea. Having said that, Rome is still somewhere I would recommend you go once in your life, perhaps just not more than that.

  1. LynAn said:

    wow you look amazing in the flowy dress!! 🙂 great post! and Rome is looking magnificent!

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