The Anti-Summer

IMG_3907IMG_3985I felt like switching it up a bit from the last post which was very summery, to this mostly monochrome charcoal ensemble. Despite being all grey, I chose some key accessories to prevent the grey from being just bland. Come to think of it, this might be one of the most minimalist outfits I’ve ever done for the blog. IMG_3939IMG_3962Like I said in my last post, when you’re a broke ass student, you need to recycle and re-invent your clothes. It also means when making purchases you make thoughtful decisions about what is going to transcend trends and seasons and remain useful in your closet despite multiple wears. These trousers definitely fit the bill as I’ve worn them on the blog before and have had them for awhile. This blog is about personal style, and I think part of being ‘skillful’ with style is the ability to present a new idea with something old. I didn’t make this blog with the intent to make you buy more material things and declare something need-it-now, only to be discarded next season. I made this blog with the hopes that if you like my style and find it unique or interesting enough, it will inspire you to elevate your own personal style. IMG_3989Random top, trousers from Zara, shoes from Aldo, bracelet from H&M, belt from Joe Fresh, necklace from Bauble Bar

In my last post I forgot to put up photos from Istanbul so here are some snippets of what we got to see…

IMG_1165IMG_1588IMG_1410IMG_1309IMG_1188IMG_1009Since I’ve come back home, the most popular question asked is, “what was your favourite place?” And I always answer, “Istanbul”, without much hesitation. Because I’ve already traveled to Europe before, and because most of the trip was seeing a western world, Istanbul was such a wonderful contrast. Because it is an Islamic country, the public PA system sounds the ‘music’ (I don’t know if I’m correct in calling it that) that accompanies prayer time, each day, five times a day. I have never been anywhere like it, and it truly feels that you are in an exotic place, without the cheapness that comes with the word ‘exotic’. Istanbul has such an extensive history, being essentially the former center of the world to becoming a place ruled by sultans of the Ottoman empire. But by far, Istanbul also had the nicest people I have ever met in my life. The people there truly go out of their way to help you the best they can and are incredibly generous. I’m so used to living in Vancouver where people are generally quite closed and since coming back, I’ve tried to implement some of that Turkish kindness and openness into my life here. If you have the chance, I would highly recommend traveling to Istanbul.

  1. Very edgy outfit, you look lovely! Love the accessories 😉

  2. amadl said:

    Even after graduating from the broke student status, you stiLL have to be thoughtfuL of styLe decisions and purchases.. Investments, investments! ^^

    By the way, the prayer caLL ‘music’ is caLLed “azan”.

  3. Samuel Sturgeon said:

    Those are really great pants! Love the outfit!

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