There’s No Place Like It


IMG_3677I’m home! Despite all the amazing places we’ve been to, the wonderful people we met, and the cultures we’ve experienced, absolutely nothing can compare to home. I’ve thoroughly missed the rolling hills, the fecundity that is totally absent in European cities, the mountains that always signal north, the open oceans, and most of all… my family and friends!!! IMG_3680IMG_3659Yesterday night I went to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s 25th annual performance at Deer Lake and it really was just one of those events that makes me so grateful to be home. The 1812 Overture  by Tchaikovsky was a brilliantly triumphant ending complete with fireworks, and the encore had the entire 10,000 person crowd clapping to the beat. Best of all, it was a perfect excuse to reunite with some beloved friends and enjoy a picnic in the park.

IMG_3701Blazer from Zara, top from Aritzia, shorts from Primark, clutch and shoes from Aldo

I firmly believe cliches are cliches for a reason: they’re (mostly) true. There really is no place like home, and home is where the heart is. But let’s get to one of my favourite places that we visited… Barcelona!IMG_0512IMG_0227IMG_0863IMG_0290IMG_0248I love the relaxed atmosphere of Barcelona, and because I come from the west coast and I get to see the Pacific Ocean almost daily, I’m totally partial to cities on the coast. Barcelona has a very unique history, and that being my minor, I was really happy that we took a walking tour to learn more about it. Barcelona is in the Catalan region of Spain which is going through its own controversial independence movement. Of course we took a visit to the very famous Sagrada Familia and Guell Park, both by architect Antoni Gaudi. It was such a refreshing change to see Modernist architecture after all the more traditional churches and cathedrals that can start to look the same after awhile.

xx (for my old English friends),



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