Sunday Snaps: Amsterdam

IMG_0122IMG_0016IMG_9733What struck me most about Amsterdam was how charming it is! Despite what it is most famous for, Amsterdam has a lot to offer for those sober enough to appreciate it. We decided to take one of the free walking tours and I highly recommend it if you get the chance. Our guide was knowledgeable and enthusiastic, taking us through the history and unique anecdotes of certain areas that you’d never learn on your own.

I absolutely loved the architecture and the canals of Amsterdam. The buildings are all leaning forwards or back, it almost seems cartoonish (I mean this in a good way). Because Amsterdam is so small, you can easily walk everywhere though the tram system is very efficient. The Dutch are generally very friendly and the men are quite good looking, so if you’re on the hunt for tall, good looking men who like to ride bikes, then Amsterdam is your best bet!IMG_9969IMG_9962IMG_9878And there are a host of museums, including the Van Gogh museum which I absolutely loved. You can take non-flash photos of his works and because I loved it so much, I bought the museum book of all his works that hang there. I never knew how short-lived his artistic career was. You can see how quickly his skills, technique, and style evolved over the years which are actually quite drastic from beginning to end. IMG_9762Though I can’t say much about Dutch cuisine, I can say that stroopwafels are great snacks for when you need something to munch on…

Next photos will be from Barcelona!

  1. isiomastylereport said:

    One of my favorite cities in the whole world, thanks for sharing

  2. Gorgeous! I hope to visit Amsterdam one day xx

  3. When did you visit?
    Haha, I think if you want to eat Dutch food you really have to ask locals and look hard for some restaurants. What did you try?

  4. a touch of vivian said:

    Cool blog post! I’m from Amsterdam btw 😉 xo

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