Road Runner

IMG_2029IMG_2050IMG_2055Hello from Santorini, Greece! Well as of current typing, I’m actually in Rome at the moment but these photos were taken during our five night stay in Santorini. We rented an ATV for a couple days and drove around the island from Perissa, which is where we stayed, to Oia where one of my old friends just happened to also be staying! After seeing the absolute stunning vistas, it’s really not hard to see how the Greeks came up with such fantastic stories and mythologies.IMG_2083IMG_2084Print overalls from Topshop, my mom’s old floral blazer, boyfriend’s Rayban wayfarers, bag from Aldo

Sincere apologies for the flipflops but I severely tripped and fell as soon as we got to our place in Santorini and tore open some flesh in my big toe so I was unable to wear proper shoes during our stay. And yes, it was extremely windy which made my hair really dry and gross so wearing a helmet wasn’t actually that bad!

IMG_2039IMG_2036IMG_1963IMG_2001IMG_1980Next post, I promise to show some pictures from Amsterdam!!

  1. Amazing! I’m so jealous of your destination – Santorini is my dream! Not to mention you look gorgeous. Have fun!

  2. Admin said:

    awesome photography 🙂

  3. a touch of vivian said:

    Wow! It’s beautiful! 🙂

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