IMG_1611IMG_1619Hello from Istanbul! It’s been absolutely crazy on my end since my last post. After Amsterdam, we went to Barcelona and came back to Manchester to pack up all my belongings from the last four months of living there and now we’re here in Istanbul! Actually, by the time most of you see this, we’ll probably be in Santorini. IMG_1650IMG_1623Blazer from Zara, lace top was my mom’s, necklace from Banana Republic, shorts… er I can’t remember but their shipping service was awful so I wouldn’t recommend it anyway, purse is Rebecca Minkoff, heels are Joe Fresh

I’ve obviously got a back log of photos from all of my recent travels and you might be wondering why I don’t have any posts with any amazing backdrops, considering these quick shots were taken on the fire escape of our hostel LOL. To be completely honest, when you’re hustling trying to see the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque in the heat, it’s quite difficult to look ‘blog worthy’. Also, when you’re sightseeing all day, you just can’t wear heels or even thin-soled flats because your feet will be so sore you won’t want to walk the next day. But the problem with that is you need to walk because you’re not done sight seeing! I think I’ll be able to post some more scenic photos in Santorini because that will be more languishing than sightseeing.

Also, there was a comment about me hopping on my yacht to go to Amsterdam, and to that I say, ‘I wish!’ Being a student doesn’t afford me quite the luxury of country hopping in a yacht. Think more along the lines of Ryan Air and living out of a suitcase from hostel to hostel. I can’t complain though because I’ve seen some of the most spectacular sights the world has to offer and experienced entirely different cultures from that of my own. Eurgh, just saying that makes me feel guilty for not having posted more photos from any of the recent cities but I guess that’s just incentive to do so soon!


  1. ornellasreality said:

    These heels are insane!!! Love it!

  2. rikaegiorgio2013 said:

    Wow your shoes are to die for♥

  3. I love your shorts ! I’m looking for something like that !

  4. gockyle said:

    Love the outfit! (Especially the top.) 😉

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