Luck of the Irish


IMG_9575I finally finished all my exams and essays so here I am in Howth, a small town on a peninsula in Ireland! Although Dublin is charming in its own right, sometimes it’s nice to get away from the bustling city. Also, living in Manchester means I’m land-locked and being from a port city, I miss the ocean quite a bit!IMG_9582IMG_9588Blazer from Club Monaco, pants and top from H&M, flats from Aldo, bag is Rebecca Minkoff, watch is Casio

By the time this post goes up, we’ll be in Amsterdam! I can’t believe that this is my life right now. While travel is certainly exhausting, it is so rewarding and it’s amazing to see all the different ways of life, which for Dublin means lots of drinking in pubs. Having said that ,the Irish people we encountered were all incredibly friendly.

Off to Amsterdam!

  1. kellynch92 said:

    Love Howth ❤ so gorgeous on a sunny day – hope you had fish & chips at beshoffs too! So different to Manchester too…

    Love, Kel xoxo

  2. lazybill said:

    That blazer gives a nautical feel to the outfit which is appropriate being by the sea. Are you hopping onto your yacht for Amsterdam?

  3. LucyBre said:

    Dublin is one of my favourite cities in the world. Living in Belfast it’s only a 2 hour journey for me and I love nothing more than to spend the day getting the Luas and walking up O’Connell Street. I hope you enjoyed your time in Ireland (and didn’t get too drunk…) 😀

  4. ooh I love this post and the outfit so much! great match of patterns. I wish I could travel as much as you!

  5. Admin said:

    Her Jacket is awesome 🙂

  6. gaiagreber said:

    Love your style, especially the sunglasses! Really nice pictures as well!

  7. a touch of vivian said:

    Wow, I lreally ove your style and so funny, I have the same leopard print blouse 🙂 xox

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