Happy Accidents

IMG_9301When I looked through these photos on the computer I noticed that everything was a bit… blue and when I looked at the camera again one of the settings was adjusted for the wrong lighting. But sometimes when you make mistakes, they turn into happy accidents and I’m still pleased with these photos, and hopefully you all are too!

IMG_9306IMG_9303On an incredibly happy note, my boyfriend has now joined me in Manchester during the midst of my exams and papers which explains why the blog has been slightly quiet since my last post. Since he’s gotten here, we have had curry a few times and I really think the best food in Manchester is Indian! Well, that and scones but that’s a separate category unto itself.

IMG_9270IMG_9278Leather jacket is Danier Leather, skirt is from H&M, purse is Rebecca Minkoff, necklace from Front & Co.

This weekend we’re heading up to Dublin which I’m eagerly anticipating. While I don’t like Guiness very much, I hear they have excellent scones! Anyone have any other travel tips for Dublin?

  1. The blue makes your photos like more “cold” and I like it because you’re wearing a skirt, and it’s a contradiction.
    I looooove your bag ! xx

  2. Sarah said:

    Haha, you and scones! Have fun with Peter!

  3. Is a happy accident like having a kid you didn’t want but they ended up winning the lottery and giving you half?

  4. enjoystreetstyle said:

    I love the sunglasses !

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