Home Stretch

IMG_9010IMG_9031The weather has been absolutely gorgeous these past couple of days so I thought I’d finally take off my tights to show off my extremely pale legs! Also, since it was really bright out and I wasn’t wearing any sunglasses, I opted to squint and touch my hair instead in nearly every photo; I should be a full-time model LOL. While it’s not exactly summer yet, spring has certainly arrived. I wanted to wear this very feminine and busy print top with leather to work against the girliness.IMG_9045IMG_9053Right now, I’m eagerly anticipating May 14 because that’s the day I can finally say I’m no longer doing long distance! I really don’t know how some people can spend so much time apart from each other. It’s been about four months for us and long distance is certainly something I would not want to repeat. Having said that, I think this whole exchange experience has taught me a lot about myself and, while not always the ‘best’ experience, it has been a very important one for my own growth. IMG_9034

IMG_9083Printed top and spiked cuff from romwe, faux leather skirt from H&M, heels from Joe Fresh, bag is Rebecca Minkoff

Happy spring!!

  1. Carol said:

    I loved her look! I’m from Brazil and would love it if I followed my blog ><

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