Spring Blossoms

IMG_8651IMG_8659Back in Manchester and I think the Naples sunshine has followed me here! Thank you Apollo, because sunshine makes blogging so much easier, not to mention it makes everyone happier! I had one of those days where you can just feel it’s going to be a good day. It was sunny so Chuyan (who took these photos for me, thank you!!) and I went to the city centre to get curry at ‘This and That’ which was super delicious and cheap. You can try three different curries on a bed of rice for five pounds! We also got free samples of Bel Vita, and of course, free stuff always makes me happy.

IMG_8698IMG_8674Since it should finally be spring now, I sent back all my winter coats. I had my parents send me some of my spring/summer clothes and I’m so happy because I’ve been dying to put on this Joe Fresh silk shirt ever since I bought it… over four months ago. It’s so lightweight and I love the springy colours, as well as the subtle print panel. To be honest, if I had my full wardrobe from back home, I’d be using a different purse (probably my white Club Monaco cross-body, or my big tote with the orange and white panels) but I’m limited with my options while on exchange.IMG_8747

IMG_8749Trench coat from Gap, silk blouse and cap-toe heels from Joe Fresh, necklace from Bauble Bar, bracelets are Banana Republic and H&M, watch is Casio, purse is Rebecca Minkoff

The last couple photos were candids but I added them just because it pretty much sums up the day. Especially because the days are finally longer and the cherry blossoms have finally sprung!

IMG_8752Even if you’re down in the dumps (like I am with the very obvious bins in the background), don’t forget there are so many beautiful things to witness and experience in this vast world. Have a wonderful week!

  1. I’m missing the beautiful cherry blossom this year as I’m in the UK, so enjoy it for me. 🙂

  2. Love your trench coat. You look gorge xx

  3. Y said:

    Love the trench, well the whole outfit!

  4. theunistudent said:

    Trench coat & jeans are faaabulous x

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