Two in One


IMG_6993Ah, it was so bitterly cold and windy when we took these photos! The weather forecast didn’t call for snow so I was not prepared when it started to precipitate! All I wanted was to experience what a full English breakfast was and to try black pudding. Yes, I knew what it was before I ate it but it doesn’t hurt to try it just once right? Having said that, black pudding isn’t gross as a food itself. It’s rather bland and pretty much meh. It doesn’t taste good enough to warrant consciously eating dried blood.

IMG_6996IMG_7019This is my first cape and I picked it up at a vintage sale here in Manchester. I like the plaid underneath as it adds that extra layer of subtle depth (actually, the cape is reversible!) What I like about capes is that you can wear whatever you want since there is no structures to restrict you. I paired these military vibe skinnies with my double breasted coat and white lace shirt.

IMG_7041IMG_7038Cape and lace shirt are vintage, double breasted blazer is Club Monaco, skinnies are River Island, boots are Aldo, purse is Rebecca Minkoff

Happy Monday! I’m just killing myself with a paper due on Wednesday. But…. I’ll be in Italy by Sunday!!!

  1. But Laina… black pudding is so good!! Anyway, I love your cape and I wish I could pull something like that off. You look super cute in that third photo, btw!

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