Easy Rider


IMG_6265Oh my god, I can’t believe I didn’t buy boyfriend jeans earlier. They are so freaking comfortable which is especially important to me because I just spent the weekend in Warsaw eating everything in sight. Granted, these photos were taken before I left, but I’m wearing them again as I type out this post. I also thought it’d be a good idea to finally have some photos of me not in front of a wall, so here I am in one of the more main areas of the school. Thanks to Chuyan for taking the photos for me again!

IMG_6285IMG_6307This outfit is relaxed and casual but I think it still exudes a style. The thing that is most striking about the student fashion in Manchester is that no one dresses like a bum. Back in Vancouver sweatpants or leggings, a hoodie and uggs is pretty much the university uniform (eurgh) but I don’t think I’ve seen a single person dressed like that here. Everyone makes an effort to look at least presentable which is such a great contrast to home. This also means that if the students can do it here, so can the students back home. I’m looking at you, UBC-ers!!

IMG_6301IMG_6312Leather jacket is Danier Leather, pocket t-shirt with faux leather detailing from Club Monaco, dad’s old YSL belt, shoes and denim are vintage, purse is Rebecca Minkoff

And just because I love them so much, here is a photo of my scone with clotted cream and jam purchased from the school learning commons on a paper plate.

  1. Woa! You’re uni looks really nice! Is it a very old one?

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