School Daze


IMG_5715If I wasn’t so horrendous at waking up I would ideally look like some sort of version of this for school most days. Unfortunately, my reality is that I hit snooze multiple times and abhor waking up forcibly. Thankfully, a lot of my classes are in the afternoon which helps with my alarm aversion. Since I live in a dorm and walk about twenty minutes to class, I often opt for my Chucks since they’re so comfortable (I’ve put insoles inside) and I don’t mind getting them dirty.

IMG_5722IMG_5699This is my first attempt at doing a whole post on my own. I used the tripod my sister bought me for Christmas and oh god it is SO much more work trying to adjust all the settings yourself because it’s all trial and error. I know a lot of people do it this way so I’m going to say MAJOR PROPS to you all because this is so tedious!! But I’m really glad I did it so I have a better idea of what I’m doing with the camera and also because the weather is so temperamental here. Oh and I actually much prefer the photos this size so I’m going back to the much larger versions!

IMG_5698Camouflage jacket from Top Shop, t-shirt dress from Uniqlo, belt from Club Monaco, tribal necklace from Nasty Gal, beanie from h&m, satchel from Peru

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here’s to a new start to the week!

P.S. BEYONCE. That is all.

  1. I love this outfit! 🙂 Definitely gave me some new inspiration! 🙂

  2. I like your purse! Believe it or not, I just woke up from a dream that had the word “amuseume” in it so I looked the word up online and I found your blog. God bless you in Jesus’ name!

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