The Golden Touch

IMG_5642Hello from Manchester!! So from now on I’m going to try changing the format of my posts a little because the default ‘large’ photo is this size so I guess I’ll comply and leave it at that. So getting to Manchester was an absolute nightmare but I’ll leave that anecdote for the end of this post. It ends well because I’m finally here but eurgh, still!
IMG_5660IMG_5670Thanks to my flatmate Chuyan for taking the photos for me! My sister thoughtfully got me a tripod and a remote for Christmas so when school starts to pick up and get too busy I’ll have to get a little more proactive and start using them. As I’m sure you’re all aware, I’m quite partial to printed pants and I love the geometric and 70’s reminiscent vibe of these pants. I teamed it with a solid double breasted blazer and simple t-shirt but add a bunch of gold touches.
IMG_5640Blazer and pocket t-shirt from Club Monaco, printed pants from h&m, full-length wallet is Marc by Marc Jacobs, cuff is from Banana Republic, cap-toed heels from Joe Fresh, necklace from Front & Co.

So I flew out from Vancouver to Heathrow to take a connecting flight to Manchester. When I arrived in Heathrow I was informed that all domestic flights had been cancelled due to snow so I should go pick up my luggage. I waited four hours for my luggage that never came so I went to the British Airways inquiries and waited in line for 45 minutes. When it was finally my turn, they told me that my luggage was still in storage and likely to not come out for a few hours (it was already 7pm) and that I would not be able to re-book my flight and that in all likeliness, all flights would be cancelled again the day after anyway so I should just find my own way to Manchester. If I liked, I could stay at a hotel outside the airport complimentary with a voucher. At this point, I had no idea what to do. I had no luggage so I had no laptop, no extra clothes, no tooth brush or anything, not even my phone charger. Worse, I was completely alone. After spending about an hour in the Heathrow arrivals area and trying really hard not to cry and panic, I decided I would just get to Manchester, and from there on, everything would be okay.

Found my way over to the National Express and was told to take the Underground to Victoria station and find the coach station there and take a bus to Manchester. So I did and found my way to the coach station thanks to a friendly stranger. Bought a ticket to arrive in Manchester at 6am and promptly arrived after taking a taxi to my campus dorm. I arrived with only my purse and a total lack of sleep and food but I finally was at my destination. Thankfully, the hall tutor was kind enough to lend me shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and an extra t-shirt and towel and my flatmates took me to Asda to do some shopping. Thank god, because I only got all my luggage back on Thursday! (I had gotten to Manchester Saturday.) So here I finally am with all my things, nice and settled in and happy. I hope none of you had to travel through Heathrow recently!!

As I posted last year, my family always takes annual photos in kimonos for New Years so here is a photo from before I left.


  1. Hera Nyx said:

    I really like your pants and how you paired it will that blazer. Cute shoes too! I use my remote and tripod for my pictures its fun most of the times lol

  2. Eline said:

    I love those pants and bracelet!

  3. - Mary said:

    The pants are a total 9.5 and the bracelet? TO DIE FOR!!!!
    Look at my website? It’s new and I’m having some trouble getting people to see it……

  4. said:

    awesome patterns!

  5. FLY outfit – and that’s a beautiful picture with your family!

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