These crazy print pants are still, by far, my favourite print pants. And though they’re covered in tropical birds and plants exuding summer, I paired it with this burgundy cable knit sweater that is undeniably fall-winter to intentionally make them clash.
Despite the opposing seasons, I still feel the clash is complementing, no? Anyways, we just put up the Christmas tree at our house and I couldn’t be more excited for the holiday season to come in full swing. Christmas really is my favourite time of year because it makes everyone so cheerful no matter what your situation is.

Sweater and collar necklace from H&M, pants from Zara, booties from Aldo, belt is Joe Fresh, purse is Rebecca Minkoff.

I came across an article from Flare Magazine through their twitter about feminism and it struck me that if I could write like this for a fashion magazine I’d be thoroughly satisfied with my career. Click here for the article titled, Do You Call Yourself a Feminist?

  1. I never thought printed trousers and a jumper ( and the colours) would work but this is gorgeous!! Got to try out on my HM jumper ! ❤

  2. mojetrendy said:

    Bardzo fajna z ciebie laska. Podobają mi się te spodnie, ale buty raczej nie. Mam na imię Tom i pochodzę z Polski i przyznam się, że bardzo mi się spodobałaś. Mam też własną stronę, która dotyczy pięknych kobiet między innymi takich jak ty. Pozdrawiam bardzo serdecznie i podziwiam. You are very beautyful girl. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Trendofpost and commented:
    Bardzo piękna i cudowna wręcz dziewczyna. Z taką chętnie bym się ożenił. 😉

  4. Love the pants and of course this collar necklace!
    Super stylish! xxx

  5. This is a great outfit – like the colour contrast between the pants and the burgundy and the element of taking the risk. Nicely put together.

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