Quick post for the start of the week. I spent my Saturday at a beautiful wedding with family I haven’t seen in forever. My dad danced up a storm much to my embarrassment, but I suppose once every few years is okay.

Dress is asos, purse and ring is my mom’s Nina Ricci, necklace from Bauble Bar, bracelet from Banana Republic

  1. prettyfrenemy said:

    I love you necklace and sunnies 🙂

  2. I love the how delicate your necklace is. From the shots that are further away they almost seem to float there. So pretty!

  3. Trang said:

    polished indeed! 😉

  4. Great bag! Oh and i like that top on you, both the color and the cut really suit you!

  5. dorhora said:

    Simply beautiful and well-styled…the dress is a perfect fit, and the jewelry really hits the right note!

  6. Crystal said:

    Polished, classic, and sweet. Great photos, and I like how the sun captures your cheekbones!

    Crystal | crystal dots.

  7. aideebrooke said:


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