All Work and No Play

Not going to lie; it’s September and I’m totally freaking out. For the next three months, I’m a full-time student AND a full-time worker. I literally have no days off, save for one for a wedding, and I have extracurricular club commitments. It’s going to take absolutely every ounce of will power to be disciplined enough to stay on top of everything and not get overwhelmed. After all, I have no days to sleep in to catch up on lost snooze time!

All that preamble/unnecessary-complaining was basically my way of saying sorry in advance if my posts get a little infrequent. I will definitely try really hard to keep blogging, especially since I just bought a new camera!

Blazer and pants from H&M, lace shirt was my mom’s, necklace from Front and Co., bracelet is Paired Hummingbirds, shoes are Aldo, bag is Rebecca Minkoff

Happy back-to-school!

  1. bohemelife said:

    Nice look (:

  2. jennechrisville said:

    you can do it girl!!!!

  3. Don’t worry about taking little blogging breaks – I know I always feel awful when life takes over but there’s really no need to feel guilty ever! As for this outfit, those PANTS! They’re amazing! Love the print and metallic finish with the texture of the shirt, so pretty!

    Alex xo

  4. sekretsglam said:

    Omg, your style is Awesome. work on everything gradually! Im loving the pants and your hair cut.

  5. dorhora said:

    Great pants; on another note, you inspired me in one of your past fashion posts to purchase a similar mini chain cross-body bag (it works with everything)! Thank you! 🙂

  6. aideebrooke said:

    Love the pants!

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