I decided to revisit the Canadian tuxedo and actually dress it up a little more with some heels and a bow tie. I still love how classic and simple these pumps are with a great point and skinny stiletto. Look at how long my legs look!!

These photos were taken with my very first DSLR that I purchased myself. Since I’m going to Manchester I obviously need my own camera so I had been saving and working hard to finally get my very own Canon Rebel t3i that I use my 50mm lens with. I couldn’t be happier with finally owning my OWN camera that I worked for!!

Men’s denim shirt from H&M, cut off DIY shorts are Uniqlo, bow tie is Marc by Marc Jacobs, pumps from Aldo, bag is Club Monaco


  1. Haha, I’ve been wanting to pull out a Canadian tuxedo look lately also. I love the elbow patches on your top and the bow tie touch is adorable. 🙂

  2. Looking great and rocking the denim blues 😉

  3. Those pumps really make your legs look amazing. Never was a fan of the all denim look but you definitely rock it.

  4. aideebrooke said:


  5. theunistudent said:

    You look beautiful here! x

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