In Bloom

AH!! I hate mosquitoes so much. As I type out this post all I’m thinking about is the five bites I acquired over the night wearing a SWEATER and JEANS. I must be allergic to mosquitoes because all of them are swollen save for the one on my face (thank God).


I picked up this jacket a few weeks ago during Zara’s summer sale and I love how delicate it looks. It’s like a beautiful version of tie-dye, no? It’s cut in the same way as my leather motorcycle jacket but is so feminine with the petal prints. I paired it with these jeggings which have a more faint flower print; like denim wall paper.

Floral jacket is Zara, silk tank is Propaganda (from Plenty), jeggings are Only, pumps are Aldo, purse is Rebecca Minkoff

Have a wonderful week!

  1. jennechrisville said:

    This look is beautiful!!! I love the floral jacket with floral background!!!!

  2. Pick me an Outfit said:

    I like the prints of the jacket and the jegging!

  3. joyangg said:

    i love your jacket. can i has steal?

  4. aideebrooke said:


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