Mirror, Mirror

Hello!! So we’re entering the last vestiges of summer so I’m probably going to be blasting out as many summer outfits before autumn really hits. In the meanwhile, I recently went on my annual camping trip with my friends. It was our fourth year which means it’s really become tradition for us (un)officially!  I think all we did was eat steak all day, everyday. Well… that or burgers, smokies, smores, kettle corn, and the list of unhealthy delicious foods goes on and on. We spent a whole day at the beach and I didn’t burn beach thanks to copious amounts of sun screen so I think it was a great success!

I really love the mirror effect and the almost-neon colours going on in this shirt. I thought it contrasted really well with this skirt that I picked up awhile ago and I borrowed my sister’s bright yellow belt to really bring out the yellow in the shirt.

Shirt and belt from H&M, skirt from J Crew, pumps and clutch from Aldo

Happy hump day!

  1. You are such an awesome and inspiring fashionista. Some people don’t have a clue on how to make fashion fun,colorful, AND classy. But, YOU are in another league. I love how even throughout your use of bold colors and/patterns, there is always a unifying theme to polish your look! : ) Fabulous EVERY time!!!

  2. jennechrisville said:

    Nice one Laina!!!

  3. aideebrooke said:


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