Back to School

Well, it’s not quite back to school yet, but it’s back to the blog! No, I didn’t go on vacation (I wish), I just wasn’t able to blog for a bit but I’m back! I hadn’t used this messenger bag for awhile so I thought I’d reintroduce it since I’ll likely be using it a lot come September. I still love this powder blue pleated skirt. I can’t believe how well it’s stood up against time; it’s at least twenty years old. And I’ve paired it with my newest shoes: my first pair of chucks!Have you all been watching the Olympics? There’s so many events that it’s hard to catch it all but my favourites are the track and field events, diving, and gymnastics. What are yours? In six months I’ll be only two and a half hours away by train from London!!

Tank top from Club Monaco, pleated skirt was my mom’s, sneakers are Converse, cuff is Joe Fresh, bag from Peru, necklace is Nasty Gal

Have a great week!

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  1. jennechrisville said:

    Welcome back!!!

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