Feeling Blue

Happy Statutory Canada Day!! Our country might be young, but this is still a lot to be proud of (and… some things to not be proud of). I know this outfit isn’t brimming with patriotic sentiment as its completely devoid of any red and white, but it’s because I also took these photos last week on one of those rare sunny days. Seriously, what is up with this non-summer weather?!

I found this skirt for an AMAZINGLY great steal at J. Crew and was so thrilled because I don’t own anything tweed and I love the colours running through. I rarely do prim and proper so I opted for more of a Kristin Stewart approach with the leather jacket juxtaposed against the preppy skirt and classic pumps. What I love about these pumps is how the heel is a skinny stiletto that makes them look so much sexier than a clunky platform.

Leather jacket is Danier Leather, shirt was my mom`s, skirt is J. Crew. pumps are Aldo, purse is Rebecca Minkoff

I`m off to the aquarium now to go see the penguins! Enjoy the start of your weeks!!

  1. Happy Canada day =)
    Do feel it’s easy for people to feel Canadian? Here non western people usually find it difficult to become part of a new nationality.

    • I think where I live, there is so much diversity that it’s easy to feel Canadian because everyone comes from somewhere else. There is a variety of communities that all immigrated from places like China, India, Vietnam, etc., in hopes of living a better life. Canada has afforded them (my parents included) this opportunity and that in itself is a theme for many who hold Canadian passports.

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