Animal Instinct

Found this Joe Fresh top on sale and was so happy because Joe Fresh is already so affordable that a sale on top of that is such a steal!! I thought I’d pair the top with my crazy print pants to show that despite their patterns, they pair really well with each other… At least, I think so. =P

And when I finally got this spiked cuff in the mail I was so ecstatic! I ordered it off romwe which has free shipping, but the service is quite slow. It takes almost a month to receive your order! But who am I to complain about free services, right?

Snakeskin print button up from Joe Fresh, pants from Zara, heels and clutch from Aldo, bracelet from Paired Hummingbirds, spiked cuff from romwe, sunglasses from Mintage

Last summer I made it a goal to read 20 novels over the summer and wound up reading about 25. This year, I’ve only read a couple of books because I recently got a new job that I’m in four days a week. The other time I’m teaching piano and have found little spare time for myself and my beloved fiction. But the big upside is that I’m making more money to save, yay!!

Happy hump day!!

  1. Very cool look!
    So smart you took this pictures with that background!

  2. wow, totally love how u styled this outfit!!! i’m such a huge fan of mix-matched prints! love the heels & the clutch as well. You’ve nailed it! love love love:) xx

  3. jennechrisville said:

    I AM LOVING THIS!!! Anything with bold prints is looooooove!!!!!

  4. i just fell in love with your blog! super groovy style!!!!!

    • That has to be one of the best compliments to receive, thanks so much!!

  5. I’m too timid to try clashing prints myself but I LOVE what you did. Looks great!

  6. Absolutely beautiful – I love the mix of prints and the added touch of colour with the suede pumps!

  7. Absolutely love the pink heels! The site is amazing and full of so many statement pieces

    • Thank you!! It wasn’t until I started blogging that I really started collecting everything. But ah, so hard on my wallet! Thanks for your comments!

  8. lamodeloovers said:

    Nice prints!

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