Flower Child

I bought this top at the Plenty pre-sale and I love it SO much. It’s floral print is neutral and it barely weighs anything; it makes for the perfect summer top for a care free day. To keep it all in the same context, instead of putting on my usual lipsticks, I opted to go for a faintly pink lip gloss to keep it all light. I did use bronzer for my cheeks though to evoke that summer glow.

Please forgive the squintiness as it was really bright that day!! I didn’t have my sunglasses either so I could barely keep my eyes open! The wedge heels I’m wearing are my new favourite heels. They’re super comfortable, though a bit on the heavy side, but the cut makes them look slightly geometric and they are so flattering for your legs. Plus, they’re only $55-ish dollars online!!

Floral top is Propaganda (available at Plenty stores), high waisted pinstripe shorts are vintage, headband is H&M, wedge heels are Aldo, straw bag is my mom’s, bracelet is Paired Hummingbirds

Finally got a chance to see Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” after hearing about it from the Cannes Film Festival. It is a really lovely movie — very whimsical, heartfelt, animated, and somehow quite poignant. Though it was a happy ending, I walked away lamenting the naivety of youth. I don’t know if that was just me or if that was the intended effect, but you should all go out and see it nonetheless.

Have a great weekend!!

  1. So weird, I was thinking about a floral and stripes outfit last night! And now here’s your post! Love this outfit– so sad those shorts are vintage, I would have tried to find them!

  2. Ok I officially NEED to see that movie! I love Wes Anderson and have heard such great things. Loving the subtle pattern mixing, such a great look!

    Alexandra xo


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