Darkness Divulged

So I don’t know why but summer has yet to reach us here on pacific northwest, but I’m doing the best I can! I thought this coat was just the right colour to add some vibrant vigour against the darkness of the clouds while keeping me warm. It’s pretty cool though because I hadn’t discovered this park until I just started driving around looking for somewhere new to take photos where the sun was hitting. This park is right up on a hill parallel to the Burrard Inlet so the north shore mountains are right in my backdrop!

This simple t-shirt dress is also from the Uniqlo in Paris! My mom picked up really great items this trip, each item being very simple but very easy to work with. I also hadn’t worn these ankle boots in awhile and forgot how great they are! The best part about them is that I have my Dr. Scholl’s insoles in them for arch support which is something I severely lack in pretty much all my other shoes.

Dress is from Uniqlo, ankle boots from Zara, purse from Club Monaco, belt was my mom’s, cuff is Joe Fresh, bracelet is Paired Hummingbirds, hat from Paris, tribal necklace from Nasty Gal, sunglasses from Mintage

Have a happy weekend everyone! And don’t forget to give your dad a big hug on Sunday if it’s your Father’s day!

  1. I love all the accessories you paired together for this outfit, especially the boater’s hat to top it all off!

  2. jennechrisville said:

    you are so pretty 🙂

    • Haha yeah I guess this outfit is more on the hipster side. Thanks for the feedback!!

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