Diane Kruger’s style is always one to emulate. This silk dress has been hanging for quite some time without being worn for awhile and I really wanted a way to wear it in a new way. So, I slipped this skirt right over top of the dress much like the way Diane Kruger wore it here. I really admire Diane Kruger’s style; she’s a Chanel darling but has such great personal style. Plus, she’s got a cute Canadian husband to boot.

The bag is my mom’s extremely old Gucci bag. She would never let me borrow it to go out; however, she gladly lent it to me for the blog, just to show off haha.

Dress is Wilfred (from Aritzia), blazer and skirt from Forever 21, peep toe heels and sunglasses from Aldo, purse is Gucci but borrowed from my mom, belt was my mom`s

So I just came back from bowling and I am so bad. Like, consecutive gutter balls. But it`s still pretty fun regardless!

Hope you`re all having a great start to your summers!

    • I’m seriously the worst. Thanks for the kind compliments!

  1. Vintage Living Magazine said:

    Very beautiful look! 🙂

    • Thank you!! I really appreciate the feedback and positive response =)

  2. Jessica said:

    hahah that is so funny that she won’t let you take it out but im glad she let you feature it! love this look, the layering is great, also bowling is one of those random things that most of the time i suck but sometimes i am randomly really good by accident!


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