Sunday Saps

So you know how I said we ate a lot for me and the boy’s anniversary? Well our brunch was the Roaming Dragon Food Truck and our totally necessary before-dinner meal was fish and chips from Go Fish. We checked into the Sutton Place Hotel, which was SO nice by the way, and were super hungry so we decided on a food cart. Roaming Dragon was the first thing I saw so I thought we should try it. I had the Bulgogi sandwich and he had the Duck… something something, both of which were really delicious!! We stupidly bought day passes for our skytrain tickets were which completely unnecessary so we thought we should just use it since we paid for it and ended up going to Granville Island. Since he was still hungry after the art gallery, we picked up some fish and chips. While the fish was really good, I actually didn’t like the fries as much. The tacones (not pictured) was really fresh and light though!

The Vancouver Art Gallery’s Matisse and Modern Masters exhibition was absolutely brilliant. It wasn’t until last year’s Surrealist exhibition that I realized how much I loved modernist art. If you’re in Vancouver, I highly recommend catching the exhibit as it’s so detailed, inspiring, and beautiful. We picked up these post cards as our souvenirs. I absolutely loved Picasso’s “Woman with Bangs”; the vacuous feeling, the looming shadow, the smirk that effuses so much spite and sarcasm really touched me.

Our dinner was at our favourite French restaurant, La Brasserie on Davie St. which serves some really wonderful food. Plus, after 9pm they have oysters on special for a a dollar each! We took a photo there together but we just look so awful that I’m not going to post it up LOL.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

P.S. I called this post Sunday Saps because… well it’s kind of sappy to dedicate an entire post to this but oh well!

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  1. Kaitlin said:

    I’ve been MIA off the internet..but one of the first things I had to do was check this blog! the shot of your shoes + the boy’s was so sweet…now instagram that! 😉

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