Rain, Rain, Go Away

Okay so it’s been over a week since my last post and it’s totally my fault because I squandered two days of sunshine by doing absolutely nothing since it was me and the boy’s anniversary. Well, that’s a lie, we went to the art gallery and ate a lot of food and had lots of fun. But right after it started raining, and raining, and raining. It rained probably two hours after I took these photos too! To be honest, this outfit was not at all appropriate because I was freezing.

My parents came back from Paris and had a really great time. They’ve never been to Europe before so it was really special for them. My mom brought back three things from the Uniqlo in Paris for me, and this dress is one of them (thanks mom!) . Oh, that’s also her jade necklace that I’m borrowing.

Dress is Uniqlo, blazer is from my own Paris trip, fedora is Aldo, suede booties are Joe Fresh, purse is Fendi

Thank you for checking on the blog and have a really great weekend!!!

  1. Cute style! Love the blazer and the hat! β™‘β™‘β™‘
    xo, Luna

    • Thank you! The photos are almost always done by my boyfriend so I’ll be sure to give him your compliments =)

      • Wonderful! Creativity being shared and explored between two. πŸ™‚

  2. Trang said:

    it’s raining where i’m at too! pretty photos btw! πŸ™‚

  3. I am absolutely IN LOVE with your use of that fiery red in this outfit! It is so chic and cute. Adorable!

    • Thanks!! It was so dreary looking so I thought the red umbrella would make for a nice background over grey clouds. Of course, it also matched my nails and lips so it all went pretty well together. Thanks for your kind compliments!!

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