Pin Me Up

I’m really excited to show you guys my first truly vintage piece! I’ve been looking for high waisted denim shorts for awhile and I found these at Mintage on Commercial Drive. I absolutely love that they’re pinstriped; it evokes a really nostalgic feel of decades past.

I’ve gotten sick again and I lost my voice for a day and a half despite it being ‘summer’. I swear, my body has the worst immune system! I lose my voice probably twice a year and have a runny nose for around nine months of the year. Anyway, I watched The Hurt Locker which is amazing, by the way, and am about to embark on the Lord of the Rings trilogy finally!

I had never tried green nail polish before so I tried this ‘jade’ shade from Joe Fresh and added some green to the crease of my eye for something different and just a little edgy to round off the look.

Leather jacket from Danier Leather, pocket tank from Club Monaco, high waisted denim shorts are vintage, tights from Daiso, ankle boots are Aldo, purse is Rebecca Minkoff

I hope you’ve all been having a great week so far! My parents are leaving for Paris on Sunday and I’m really excited for them. I also can’t wait to have them out of the house, especially considering this is only the second time they’ve ever left the house to just me and my siblings. Here’s hoping the weather is sunny for them so they can really enjoy the beauty of the city.

    • Oh I love them so much. They’ve got this great oxford toe-front detailing that I love, and they’re super comfortable!

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